There is a wide range of AODD Pump that are air- (or natural gas-) operated displacement-type pumps that significantly differ from all other positive-displacement pumps. The pumps are very powerful and made in a number of variants.
Basket Strainer
Buy from us basket strainer in sizes ranging from 1.5 to 6 and more on request. PP material is used in the making of these strainers in designs, like Y type. These are supplied mainly for executing industrial applications. 
Various types of PP Valves are offered by us for use in the various industries. These Valves are ideally designed to be used in various industries for regulating the flow of viscous and non viscous fluids.

Non-Return Valves
Our company offers wide range of Non-Return Valves that are especially designed for the high pressure industrial hydraulic systems to make a unilateral liquid flow channels for the prevention of the installed machines from the back pressure.
Foot Valve
Foot Valve availed by us are especially designed for the underground water supply system to prevent the reverse flow of the extracted liquid within the flow channels. Buy from us these industrial components in bulk at a low price.

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